Meet the 12 Nepalese women that were giving ‘Mafisi’ sleepless nights in Mombasa

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A few months ago, Former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Mohammed Echesa was accused of Human Trafficking when women from Pakistan were arrested for allegedly being brought into the Country illegally by Echesa to perform at a Balle Balle Festival.

As the incident fades the Kenyans’ minds, other women have been again arrested in Mombasa.

The Twelve Nepalese women were illegally working at a club in Nyali.

Club owner Asif Jetha is in police custody.

The women were arrested during a raid at Rangeela grill and bar at Amkay Plaza.

Officers said Jetha will be investigated over human trafficking.The Nepalese women were ntertaining revelers at the club.

During the operation, Jetha said the women had temporary passes.A search was conducted at the club and money, mobile phones and documents were recovered.

The suspect and the immigrants will remain at the Nyali police station pending further investigations.

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