How Police Landed on Men Trying to Forcefully Circumcise 38-year old Woman

Will Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) really ever end? Some Kenyan Communities in Kenya are still held to it, considering it as a culture, but do we really deserve it?

Should women be forced to circumcise? Well, A man and six others were arrested in Maara subcounty, Meru, after they attempted to forcefully circumcise his wife. 

Police from Chogoria police station arrested the suspects.

The 38-year-old woman said her in-laws are members of the Kabonokiadenomination that strictly believes women must be circumcised.

“In the morning my husband asked me why I had refused to be circumcised like other women in the area. I heard his brother call him. I took a shower and proceeded to Muthenge market where I work,” she said.

“Before I reached there, my husband called me. I found my in-laws in my house. His brother threw me on floor and before I knew it, they tore clothes and tied my legs.”

Keeru said she screamed and her assailants told her to accept circumcision or leave the home.

Maara police boss  Johnston Kabusia said they will arraign the suspects once investigations are complete.

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