Wajir Women Rep’s Leaked Bedroom Tape Comes Back To Haunt Her Hard

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Fatuma Gedi, Wajir County Women Representative is a woman at the center of another controversy all thanks to her Leaked Bedroom Tape Sometime back.

Well, the tape tainted her image but what is about to befall her following her actions after the tape went viral will certainly leave a long lasting mark in her life.

Gedi now risks losing her seat, prosecution or suspension from House proceedings if found guilty of allegedly stealing official parliamentary documents to implicate four MPs in a controversial sex video.

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The move comes after it emerged she, with the help of a parliamentary staff member, allegedly stole a letter sent to the Clerk of the National Assembly Michael Sialai by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) asking him to facilitate the four members to record statements over the video which she went ahead and leaked to the media.

In the letter, DCI wanted Sialai to facilitate MPs Adan Keynan (Eldas), Abdihakim Osman (Fafi), Purity Wangui (Kirinyaga) and Rehema Jaldesa (Isiolo) to appear for questioning after Gedi implicated them over the video clip which depicted her in a “sexual mood”.

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The four, however, said Gedi had personal issues with them and wanted to settle scores. She is also facing accusations of illegally obtaining an internal memorandum from Sialai seeking an advisory opinion from the House legal department on the action to take following the letter from the DCI.

And yesterday at the Powers and Privileges committee, chaired by Speaker Justin Muturi Muturi, Gedi had a rough time explaining herself after the officer who leaked the letter claimed she forced his hand.

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“I never coerced him to give me the letter. What I wanted is to clear my name which was very tainted because of this sex video yet I am a mother and woman,” she said.

She added that the staff member, who comes from her county, gave her the documents willingly “because he knew she was looking for it”.

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