Former politician cries foul over stalking claims

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Nazlin Umar

Ms Nazlin Umar ,Former presidential candidate has candidly stated that her three year relationship with Aden Duale was full of distrust.

Former Presidential candidate Nazlin Umar

Nazlin says that she constantly lived in fear given that she could never really tell what Duale’s agenda was with her.

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“My relationship with him was very very high drama, you know extreme drama. There was no peace I was always on the run and he was always following me.I didn’t trust him, trust was an issue I felt like he was recording me all the time I always felt he had two different agendas with me.He still stalks me, I don’t think he can get over it, I think it’s an obsession he had a clinical obsession.

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She candidly states that she cannot reveal the nature of their relationship but one thing she is sure of is that if Duale is willing to apologize he will have to part with a Lexus.

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Aden Duale

“I don’t want to say if we were married or not but he did hurt me badly, I have a P3 and a medical report on Duale and when he was calling he was actually begging for forgiveness.

So I said if you are asking for forgiveness then park a Lexus outside my door as a step to say sorry.”

Aden duale however refused to respond to these claims saying that he didn’t have time for non-sensical issues.

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