Rift Valley MP slaps Ruto on the face for dragging Kalenjins into his personal woes

Deputy President Dr William Ruto has been accused of sabotaging the war on graft and purporting to speak for the Kalenjin whenever his personal interests and political ambitions were threatened.

Tiaty member of Parliament William Kamket has also accused Ruto of dragging the Kalenjin Community into his Personal woes.

Speaking on Sunday in Kilifi, the Tiaty MP promoted Senator Gideon Moi’s political ambition, saying Gideon was interested in harnessing the Coast and supporting its interests.

“I have come here like John the Baptist to prepare the way for Gideon Moi. He will come here and talk to the Coast people,” Kamket said.

He lashed out at Ruto for allegedly defending corruption suspects, asking him and his team not to drag the Kalenjin into shielding corrupt elements.

“Nobody steals with his community’s knowledge, and, therefore, those implicated in corruption should carry their cross,” he said.

Kamket was accompanied by Governors Hassan Ali Joho of Mombasa and Kilifi’s Amason Kingi.

The two Coast governors have previously differed over who should vie for presidency in 2022 polls.

While the two leaders agreed they were still close friends, Mr Kingi said anybody seeking to contest for presidency from the Coast region must first unite residents.

Joho had insisted that he would be on the ballot come 2022, but added that he would stick with Kingi even after their terms as governors end.

Speaking during a fundraiser in aid of Kilifi South bursary fund at Mtomondoni Primary School, which was presided over by Kamket on behalf of Moi, Kingi said some politicians from the Coast had in the past vied for presidency but performed dismally due to failure to unite the masses.

He cited Katama Mkangi and Chibule wa Tsuma – both from the region -who challenged retired President Daniel Moi but got a handful of votes from their backyard.

“It is not important to just rush and contest for the presidency. One has to unite all the Coast counties to make headway in the presidential race,” he said.

Joho said he started politics with Kingi after the 2002 elections and they stuck together and would remain united.

He told Ruto and his allies that ODM leader Raila Odinga never entered any merger with Jubilee and hence he was not out to hijack the ruling party.

“Raila is not interested in Jubilee affairs and Ruto should not drag his name. Jubilee should play their own politics,” he said.

Kingi claimed the Galana-Kulalu irrigation project had collapsed because of corruption.

He asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to order it placed under Kilifi and Tana River county governments.

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