How Kenyan Police only become Police when an issue is under the public eye

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Walk into a police station if you are a normal Mwanainchi and how the so called Police Officers may treat you will paint a vivid picture of how they will assist you in whatever you may task them with. Bad work, speedy shoddy investigations, lack of follow up and just to name a few is what sums up the Police in Kenya that s from the common mwanainchi’s eye.

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This is what would have just happened to a woman who had placed her innocent boy in a school, in Machakos only to find that the son was being molested by the same person that was to be a caregiver. She did the normal thing reported it to the authorities but the shoddy work that was done was utterly disappointing.

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It is reported that in February, a boy in the home, reported to the management that he had been sodomised by the school’s cook, one Katuku Mutuku. He would later be rushed to hospital where the doctors confirmed that indeed the boy was sexually abused. When he was queried the boy divulged that some of the orphans in the school had confessed to each other about being sodomised.

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The police were then notified of the unfortunate incident going on in the Catholic run home, only for them to carry out an investigation concerning the one boy who had reported the case. It is claimed that the officer did not intensify their investigations and therefore not much was achieved at the time. 

Having not been satisfied with the investigations, the boy’s mother reached out to KNHCR who then visited the children’s department in Machakos, who took up the issue. Upon carrying out interviews with a number of students, it was discovered that eight other boys had been sexually abused by the said cook. It was then that the county government ordered the closure of that home, which also had a primary school section. Mwangi noted that the Catholic Church did not for any reason object the closure of the school alleging that it was a way of them “covering up the true depth of the rot that has lasted a decade.

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A perpetrator of sexual abuse against children at Martyrs of Uganda School in Machakos has been arrested.  The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KNHCR) confirmed on Monday that the cook, accused of sodomizing boys in the school, is in police custody. The arrest comes days after Activist Boniface Mwangi highlighted the plight of the young boys, suffering under the people who were supposed to be their caretakers.

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“We have received reports that the perpetrator accused of sexual abuse against pupils at Martyrs of Uganda School in Machakos has been arrested by police,” KNHCR said in a tweet.  KNHCR is now calling on the justice department to take speedy action against the man. “Next step must be immediate and speedy prosecution in the quest for justice for the abuse victims,” the commission stated. 

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