[VIDEO] Is there something the President doesn’t want Kenyans to know?

President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing Kenyans in Namibia on 21/3/2019.

A video of President Uhuru Kenyatta talking tough on the war against corruption was a subject of speculation following discrepancies between the content of the video and what the Head of State’s official social media accounts – which have since been deactivated – posted.

The clip shows Uhuru asserting that nobody would be spared in the war against corruption, not even his siblings.

Wapende wasipenderafiki ama aduindugu ama dada wewe kama unatakakuingiananamambo ya ufisaditutapigananawewe

(Whether they like it or not, a friend or an enemy; my brother or my sister, if you want to engage in corruption, we will fight with you),” he maintained.

President Uhuru Kenyatta speaking at Independence Stadium in Windhoek, Namibia on 21/03/19.

However, when his official Twitter account sent out the same, it had additional information not captured in the video.

“If you are corrupt we will fight you. You can be my brother or my sister or my closest political ally but if you are corrupt we will fight you,” the tweet read.

In the now-deleted tweet, the president also included ‘his closest political ally’ which some construed to mean Deputy President William Ruto.

From the two conflicting messages, it was alleged that the ‘political ally’ part was edited out of the video and audio dispatched by Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) to newsrooms.

On closer observation of the video, it is apparent that there was a part that was indeed excluded in the final clip, a part that was present in the tweet and the email dispatch from the PSCU.

Speaking to a local pubisher a video expert, Timothy Gichuru, confirmed that the clip had indeed been edited citing inconsistencies with the continuation of the video.

“As you can see from the clip, there is a noticeable change in the audio. If you observe closely, the intonation changes from where he says ‘…may be my sister…’ and ‘…we will fight you…’.

“Also from the video, there is a glitch in that the president’s movements are not smooth which is evidenced by the sudden change in movement,” he told this writer.

Following the posts, the president’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were deactivated.  

Addressing the matter, State House Chief of Staff, Nzioka Waita, announced, “On account of unauthorized access to the official social media handles of the President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, all official social media handles for the President have been temporarily suspended to allow for the necessary remedial measures to be undertaken.”

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