‘Demons sucking blood’ leaves school closed indefinitely

A Kikuyu Constituency secondary school was closed indefinitely after widespread student complains of ‘demons sucking blood.’

Normal activities at Kerwa Secondary School came to a standstill when eight Form 2 girls collapsed after alleging that they could “feel their blood being sucked out of them by demons”.

The bizarre incident sent the rest of the students into a frenzy, with frightful screams echoing throughout the school.

“We were shocked since some of the students claimed to have been attacked by evil spirits and they immediately started collapsing. We started screaming and ran to the field as the teachers tried to contain the situation,” one student divulged.

Image of a man praying for a girl lying on the ground

Local residents rushed to the school following the loud screams in an attempt to ascertain what was happening.

On arrival, they were filled in on the existence of the “blood-sucking evil spirits” by the frantic girls.

In a bizarre turn, the locals also joined the students in screaming, with others praying and trying to ward off the spirits.

Dark forces

The students went on to claim that they truly believed that unexplained dark forces were after them as some colleagues kept on collapsing.

In the previous incidences of collapse, the students were taken to hospital but the doctors allegedly couldn’t find any medical reason for the phenomenon.

Kikuyu Education director, Samuel Rwitha, arrived at the scene and confirmed the incident stating that the principal had reported the strange occurrences to his office.

Mr Rwitha went on to close the school indefinitely, adding that parents had been called for a meeting on Thursday.

Image of Kerwa residents pray for a student who said she was attacked by evil spirits

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