Unadhani huku ni Kismayu!Make yourself busy,Waruguru to Muslim OCs

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Laikipia Women representative Cate Waruguru has been castigated for enhancing tribal politics after he was arrested inciting locals.

Waruguru who over some months has been in dare fight with deputy governor is seen abusing Laikipia OCs mr Abdi Ali who is a muslim.

Waruguru tells the OCS to make himself busy by arresting bandits and terrorists who are terrorizing the locals.

“You think here is Kismayu,kindly make yourself busy by arresting bandits and let my people work,”she said.

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Lawyer steve Ogora has warned the MP of propagating the dirty politics in the Country.

” LAIKIPIA Woman Rep. Cate Waruguru should not confuse power with cheap perfume. Harassing and insulting police officers just because you’re an elected leader is gross abuse of office~ itself a form of corruption,”he said.

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