Stay Away From Our Property!!Children Warn Top Senator.

Mithika Linturi

There is trouble in Paradise and this time it does not involve the Top Meru Senator Mithika Linturi and his estranged wife…This time,the kids are involved!!!

The children claim their estranged stepfather used their properties in Kileleshwa and Nyari to secure loans without their consent.


Arnold Kipkurui and Rhoda Kitany have sued Meru Senator Mithika Linturi and their stepsister Emily Nkirote for allegedly using their properties to get Sh37.5 million loan. They said they discovered the title deeds were missing in December last year.

Through their Lawyer,the two claim the legal charges over the suit property are a product of fraud.

The court documents read that they discovered the properties had been charged and or mortgaged without the knowledge, consent and or their authority, or that of Noniko Ltd board of directors, authorised agents, employees and or servants.

Noniko Holdings Ltd Directors claim that Linturi and his daughter have continued to request for and granted loans, overdrafts, advances and or credit facilities through fraudulent misrepresentation.

They argue that they have never been requested to execute nor have they ever executed, registered and or caused to be executed or registered any legal charge instrument over the suit premises and or suit property. 

The senator could not be reached for comment.

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