Vivian, Harmonize and the list of celebrities turning a year older today

It’s a party in the celebrity world as some of the top celebrities we know are today turning a year older.

Celebrities birthdays can never go unnoticed basing this on the huge following that they have


Popular Wasafi artist popularly known for his ‘Aiyola’ hit song is today turning 25.

Harmonize is one of the artists who has had top achievements in the music industry and his story of humble beginnings it indeed an inspiration.

Harmonize is today spending his day in the company of his supporters in his home town as well as with his Italian girlfriend Sarah.

Today we celebrate him for keeping the entertainment scene alive and lit always.

Apart from his music, he is known for his works of charity and impact in the society.


Kenyan Singer Vivian is today celebrating her birthday and we today appreciate her for being a phenomenal woman and a source of inspiration to many young people.


IT’S MY BIRTHDAY 🎁 🎂TODAY!! And In the birthday spirit I will do a sweet accapella for anyone who’s also celebrating their birthday today and I will post them right here on my page.

Tag everyone you know celebrating their birthday 🎁 
I know I share a birthday with @nanaowiti and @bettymuteikyallo who else do you know who’s celebrating their birthday today?


Tanzanian Singer and the queen of vocals Ruby famously known for her song ‘Na Yule’ among other hits.

She is also among the top celebrated artists in Tanzania and her songs have earned her respect i her country and beyond.

Today she is grateful for many things; have a look at her message to self.


Asante Mungu kwa kunipa mwaka mwingine kwenye maisha yangu🙏🏻Asante kwakunipa zawadi ya familia 2019🙏🏻🤰🏽🤱🏼👨‍👩‍👧 @_kusah_ ❤️Asante Mungu kwakunipa @_kusah_maana bila wewee baby nisingekuwa hv nilivyoleo Mungu anasababu zake kukutumia wewe kuja kwenye maisha yangu ya sanaa na halisi pia I appreciate you so much baba 🙏🏻 I LOVE YOU ❤️ 🙏🏻Asante Mungu kwa baraka zote ulizonibariki na unazoendelea kunibariki 🙏🏻…Asante kwakilakitu eeh Mungu wangu 🙏🏻HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 🙈

Betty Kyallo

Kenya’s Media Queen, Betty Kyallo has been on our screens over the years and her passion and professionalism is indeed something to be admired by media enthusiasts.

Betty Kyallo is today celebrating her success in the industry and equally her impact in the society.

All these celebrities have been showered with love by fellow celebrities as well as their supporters.

What is your wish to our celebrities on their big day?

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