Otile Brown, Khaligraph Jones tease fans with their next big tune

Kenyan artists Otile Brown and Khaligraph Jones are planning to bring the music scene to a stand still as they team up to drop a new hit.

The duo are both masters in the genres of music that they have been dominating over the years.

Khaligraph Jones being Kenya’s leading rapper and Otile with the RNB vibes that people cannot get enough; the pair has joined forces to prepare for their fans a tune that will be the next big thing in the music industry.

Otile Brown and Papa Jones have today shared a teaser with their fans and hinted on the possibility of dropping the hit next week.

Otile Brown revealed on his Instagram page that this is quite a different style for both of them but they are working towards serving their fans with the best.

The Singer makes fun of Khaligraph Jones saying that he had to force him to shake his waist as part of the dance style which Khaligraph says is not a thing to be done by an OG.

This is the second time for the duo to work together after their collabo of 5 years ago dubbed Imaginary love

The two artists have leveled up in their game and indeed this will be a game changer in the music industry.

Are you ready for Khaligraph Jones and Otile Brown? What are your expectations  in this new song?


Trying to teach OG @khaligraph_jones a simple dance move and he was like “OG can’t do that shieet bruh”🤣🤣 but i forced him aka tingisha kiuno apo mbaya 😂.Hope y’all ready for this , it’s quite a different style from both of us , OG amebana pua apo mbaya😂. InshaAllah next week Majaliwa we light it up 🔥#BadMan#wegotnothingbutlove

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