Officer cautions he will kill someone and that someone ends up to be wife

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Love and security in Kenya have proven to be water and oil due to the rate at which reports brace the media over love murders involving officers losing their cool.

Even after the Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi’ who demonstrated that their should be open communication between the high officials and the lower ranks to encourage opening up and help over the suicide and homicide crisis,the calamity is still evident.

An Administration Police officer at Navakholo Police Station in Kakamega is on the run after shooting his wife dead on Thursday night.

Christine Mango

The woman, identified as Christine Maonga, is said to be a teacher at Navakholo Secondary School.

Reports indicated that the two have been embroiled in domestic disputes for a long time, with the officer threatening to kill “someone”.

Western regional police boss Rashid Yakub on Friday confirmed the shooting, saying they had recovered the firearm.

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“The police officer is at large but we are pursuing him,” he told reporters.

Police in Kakamega have launched a man-hunt for the suspect, identified as Patrick Nyapara.

“We managed to recover the Ceska pistol he used to commit the murder but we are yet to arrest him. We request anyone with information about his whereabouts to volunteer to the police,” Mr Yakubu said.

He assured that the officer will be arrested and arraigned to face charges of murder.

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