What Men Do to Successfully Drive Women Away From Them

Many websites and social media sites are often filled with information about what women should do to keep their relationship stronger. Dress well, don’t argue, be clean, give him conjugal rights among others.

It is irritating that only few people provide guidelines on what men should not do to scare away women. For that reason, it is important to list down things men do that are not appealing to women.

Tripple Texting Her

When you call your woman and she doesn’t pick the call, there may be two things involved; either she doesn’t ever want to hear from you again or she is busy doing something.

It is prudent to wait for her to call back to confirm why she didn’t receive the call. Double calling her or tripple texting her only worries her that you have social issues.

Calling Her Out

It is provoking and wrong when you are probable a week old in a relationship and you feel comfortable to call her out on her limitations.

Admittedly, no one is perfect. Unless you have stayed long in a relationship, or she does something that directly involves you, leave her to her family and relatives to call her out.

Telling Her What to Wear

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One thing you need to know is that a woman neither your agent nor your governor. She is free to wear whatever she deems fit. If you find flaw with her dressing, you should either swallow your pride or pursue some other woman. This is an advice, though.

Nonetheless, you can give her your suggestions, but in a nice way. Remember, constructive suggestion is different from insult or control.

Taking Bad About Her Friends

Just as you have and love your friends, your woman also loves her friends. Before you met her she already had those friends so why should you talk sh*t about her friends.

Pressuring Her to Hang Out

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If you have been with your girl for short time, do not force her to always hang out with you. She also have other friends she can hang out with. She has her own life and she is free to do what she wants with it.

Just let her decide whether she wants to hang out with you for the first time or let her propose it to you if she has the courage.

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