Vivian is crying to her ‘charm’ who left her for Hollywood

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Vivian has been charmed!!!

Singer Vivian is a woman in distress after her husband left her in Kenya and travelled overseas for work.

In a short video shared on her Instagram page, Vivian asked her husband Sam West –a stand-up comedian- if he planned on returning to Kenya.

West has been in America for a while now.

She lamented that she had become a nuisance to most of her neighbours for constantly seeking their help with changing flat tyres.

“Kuna mtu alienda Amerika now I’m here having to change Tyres hata majirani wamechoka na kunisaidia I’m not pointing fingers but @samwestkeumeamua aje? Unarudi huku? Hii kazi ni ngumu wuwi,” Vivianne said in her tongue-in-cheek post.


Vivanne and her husband West, who doubles up as her manager, got engaged in 2017 after he proposed to her during a live interview.

The two had a traditional wedding ceremony in march last year.

This however appeared to be a great opportunity for team mafisi to offer their help.

Vivah Kenya wrote, “I’m just a call away.”

Kindickson asked, “Kwani bae ni mechanic?”

Samwel said, “Karibu nami beb usahao aliobita tu Kange ya jayo.”

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