‘Not yet Beyond Zero’. Angry reactions after woman delivers at Uhuru Park

A 20 year old lady, Rebecca Atieno, gave birth at Uhuru Park after her landlord kicked her out for failure to pay Sh50 at a rundown lodging in Muthurwa sparking angry reactions from Kenyans.

According to The Standard, moments after being fired from her hotel job on Tuesday she headed to Nairobi’s Uhuru Park, the only place she could find a moment’s solace.

Confused, hopeless and reeling from the symptomatic third trimester pregnancy exhaustion, she found a spot at the park where she hoped to gather her wits.

All she has for her baby is a Maasai blanket donated to her and a single pack of diapers.

“I marveled at my newborn daughter’s perfect fingers and toes. I felt lucky, as all new parents do, but also because I had somehow miraculously managed to do this all on my own,” said Atieno.

For now, without a job or money to sustain her child, the future remains uncertain. Yet in many ways, Atieno feels like she has already passed the biggest test – safely delivering her baby.

Here are some of the reactions.

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