‘My days and nights are getting colder and colder,’ Vivian wants to reunite with Sam West

“My Dream” hit-maker Kenyan musician Vivian wishes her fiancé, Sam West, who has been away – in the US – for over one year now, would return to the country and be with her.

Speaking in an interview on phone, Thursday, Vivian said her days and nights are getting colder and colder by the day, and she feels it is time West reunites with her.

“When you fall in love with someone, and the two of you get used to each other, that is one of the best feelings in the world. However, I know people have to work – and sometimes that entails travelling away from each other. When someone who is so dear to you stays away for long, then a void forms in your heart.’

Things often get tougher, and other responsibilities pile up on you. It’s not easy, regardless how strong you may be. There are things he used to do for me that I have to personally do them now. I miss Sam West, and I wish he knows that,” said Vivian.

Vivian and Sam West got engaged in March 2017.

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