Is Haji prosecuting Kikuyu clerks and messengers but hunting Kalenjin VIP

DPP Nordin Haji appeared in a televised show with a long list profiling Kenya’s corruption scourge by tribe to demonstrate that the narrative that only kalenjins and kikuyus steal in government is a lie, the list also disputes the current narrative that kalenjins are being singled out.

Going by the DPP report, Kikuyus tops in the corruption list of people he want to prosecute followed by Luos and Kalenjins are third. Thus, Kikuyus should be the ones protesting and not the Kalenjins.

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He sought to poke holes in and discount accusations by leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto like Sudi and Murkomen, that he is targeting Kalenjin politicians and senior government officials in the cases he has filed in court.

KPC MD Joe Sang… Is it me or most of these money minting Kenyan Parastatals are headed by Kalenjin? Is it that Kalenjin dont know how to steal and cover their tracks or we are just inherently corrupt? Is there a KENYAN parastatal headed by a Luo? Turkana? Luyha? #SpeakBoldly— Lord Abraham Mutai (@ItsMutai) June 5, 2018

In the list with a sample of 415 people, suspects from President Kenyatta’s and Kenya’s most populous Kikuyu tribe were the majority at 141.

However outspoken lawyer Miguna Miguna seems to disagree with the DPP saying :“Wrong. Noordin Haji must quit playing games. He is paid a lot of money from our taxes to provide that information. 50 million Kenyans will not attend court to get those names. More significantly, there is ZERO Kikuyu CS, PS or CEO who is facing the alleged charges.”

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The DPP had earlier through twitter said that Court records are open to the public to have access to names and offences of corruption suspects for those in doubts.

Apparently, @UKenyatta‘s hand-picked @ODPP_KE Noordin Haji has stated that 141 Kikuyu clerks and messengers have been “charged with corruption-related offences.” No names. And not a single Kikuyu CS, principal secretary or parastatal head, yet some are cheering him on.— Dr. Miguna Miguna (@MigunaMiguna) March 13, 2019

The DPP said those who stole from Kenyans should carry their own crosses and stop dragging their tribes and communities into the cases.

“I am surprised, this is why I came with this file because I do not want it to look like it’s coming from my head, this is our statistics of accused persons by ethnic tribe….So who am I targeting with all these? I don’t know,” said Mr Haji.

According to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Noordin Haji the office is prosecuting 16 cases involving Sh100 million and above, 17 involving between Sh10 million and Sh99 million and 10 involving between Sh1 million and Sh9 million.
At least 34 other cases cannot be quantified.

In 2018, the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji ordered the arrest and prosecution of former Nyandarua Governor Daniel Waithaka Mwangi and seven others over a fraudulent Sh50 million water and sewerage tender.

The officers were to be charged with abuse of office and flouting of procurement procedures.

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KPC Managing Director Joe Sang during a past address. 

According to the DPP, the former governor and Ms Grace Wanjiru Gitonga (then a county executive committee member for the Department of Water and Natural Resources) will be charged with failure to comply with procurement laws.

SOme of the kalenjin

List of DP Ruto allies to be questioned by DPP over corruption and mismanagement of public institutions

1.Joe Sang – KPC Managing Director.
2. Newton Terer- NCPB Managing Director.
3. Ben Chumo- KPLC Managing Director.
4. Mrs. Lily Koros- KNH CEO— Unemployed Professor (@WRadigo) December 9, 2018

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