Bahati forgives artists who ‘back-stabbed’ him after quitting EMB Records

Gospel Artist Bahati has addressed the claims made about the falling of his EMB record label.

Bahati said that he has forgiven artists who have been spreading fake stories with the intention of tarnishing his name.

The Singer faced backlash after artists who quit his record label made it known to the public that the environment while working with Bahati was not all perfect.

Bahati and Mr Seed

Weezdom who was once signed under EMB record claimed that Bahti changed after his relationship with Diana Marua and things were not in order.

Weezdom in a previous Interview suggested that Diana Marua made sure Weezdom left and he advised Bahati that no one should go what he went through.

Bahati implies that he was not impressed by the fake stories that were allover the blogs.

On his Instagram page, Bahati says that it is indeed painful to make efforts of supporting people from his own pocket yet some are seemingly being ungrateful even with the knowledge that he is not a perfect being.

The Gospel artist added that he sacrificed so much to get some artists where they are today.

Bahati also added that he has forgiven them all and he asked them to reflect on the positive side despite the fact that it is true he has weaknesses.

He also said he knows that some of the artists who were ‘trashing’ his record label cannot face him now because of the fake stories that they publicized.

He however says that he has decided to forgive them and urged them to turn to God and repent.

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#PART_5 SO PLEASE if you've gotten someone to support you it's good to UNDERSTAND that Hawa watu sio Malaika and we all make mistakes just that they have Obeyed the Call of GOD to be of help in your life at this Moment when you desperately need them. Maybe they will fight your battles and open doors that you may feel you don't need them anymore which is Okey. Like ALL MY FOLLOWERS can confirm with my previous posts: I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO SUPPORT ANY ARTIST TO BE GREATER THAN ME but what does GOD require from you??? GRATEFULNESS! So to all the Artists that I have Supported take a moment and think about this;- I started this when I was only 23Yrs trying to make an impact in your lives. At 23 – 26yrs I can Only make many mistakes and Where you felt like I wronged you FORGIVE ME. And as I write this GOD commanded me not to Open anything Negative to the Public NO MATTER THE TRUTH I HAVE. Bcoz this will be like Tarnishing or Killing what GOD used me to build. I know Most of you are not in a position to face me Considering the FAKE STORIES you created out there for your TEMPORARY TRENDING (Bcoz you Knew I will never Reply to Anyone God used me to Support ) but you know what: All I spent ;the Money, the energy I used to help was just as I would do for my Kids MORGAN, HEAVEN or MUENI. So the Same way I would forgive my Kids. Be assured BAHATI has forgiven you, I release you, You Don't need to pay me Back and I speak a BLESSING where a CURSE was intended in JESUS NAME 🙏 (Juu aki Wengine Wenyu Mkiongea hamskii "THI THI" juu saa hio ata Nguo Umevaa, Viatu or ata Vitu za Nyumba ukonazo nili Sacrifice ukue Nazo??? No matter how evil I could be we need to go Back to church and be taught that you Can Curse your Future juu ya hizi vitu Ndogo Ndogo. I forgiven you but Run to God and Return to the Same Hearts you Came with mkiwa na Shida HE'S A FORGIVING GOD. Juu Nothing can Change the Lies out here So Repent don't wait for HIS punishment ) NOW.. #NextPART6

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