Daring thieves steal TV during Caroline Mwatha burial!

As the body of slain activist Caroline Mwatha was laid to rest, daring thieves broke into their house and made away with a TV and carpet.

Speaking to journalists on Friday, her widower Joshua Ochieng’ explained that he returned home after burying his wife in Asembo, Siaya to find the house broken into. 

Also taken was the carpet as Ochieng’ suspected that the thieves were known to him.

Insinuating that it was an inside job, the widower wondered why the thieves did not take other valuables in the house.

Slain activist Carol Mwatha’s widower Joshua Ochieng’

“It is baffling that the people who broke into my house only took the 49-inch television set and the carpet, leaving other electronics, including the fridge and woofer,” he stated.

He added that he reported the matter to police while a witness who agreed to cooperate with the authorities revealed to Ochieng’ that he had seen the robbers.

“The witness told me he saw the burglars; two guys and a woman,” he conveyed.

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid noted there was more than met the eye as there were no signs of forced entry at the scene.

Khalid observed that although the house had a padlock, it remained intact.

“The family is yet to establish all that was taken away. However, we fear that those who broke in wanted more than what it has been made to look like a burglary.

“We can’t rule out the fact that those who broke in may have been looking for documents related to her work,” Khalid stated.

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid.

Mwatha’s death made headlines after she was reported missing earlier in February only for her body to be discovered at City mortuary.

An autopsy conducted on her body revealed that she had died from excessive bleeding due to a raptured uterus.

The official results confirmed detectives’ narrative that activist  died from a botched abortion.

Her funeral was mired with controversy as the Catholic Church  declined to hold a requiem mass for the slain activist of the circumstances leading to her death.

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