I Bet Green Apple Might Lose Market Following The New Airtel Adverts

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Over a long period of time, Safaricom data bundles subscribers have been complaining of fast-exhaustion of data bundles. Safaricom’s customer care group which is always alert provides reasons for fast data consumption, and accordingly advice on measures that could be taken to avoid the loss.

safaricom is now facing tough times in social media as one of its competitors is producing adverts ‘kali-kali’ using the two corporate colors- read against green. You might never want to eat a green apple after this.

A series of adverts from a rival company, Airtel has resurfaced and its shaking social media. The videos and pictures appears to be portraying how Safaricom steals data bundles from its subscribers.

In one advert two banana vendors are featured selling bananas by the bus window. they both sell and receive the money. the vendor in green attires, however, plucks some bananas from the already purchased and paid for banana bunch.

In another video a waiter is seen illegally biting a customers burger and sipping her juice in a don’t care manner.

It is not always what you expect from safaricom data bundles that you always get.

football was not left out in the adverts as people responded to the new Airtel’s move.

explaining how fast Airtel internet is

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