Shame! Details On Zari’s ‘New Catch’ Emerge

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan a week and a few days ago, left her online fans’ tounges wagging when she introduced her new lover to the world for the first time after her breakup with singer Diamond Platinumz.

In a series of photos seen on her Instagram account, the controversial lass featured herself spending quality time with the man but totally hid his face. Countless people congratulated Zari for her new catch and wished her well even as she starts the new relationship.

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Zari and His Late Hubby Ivan Ssemwanga

However, it has now emerged the mother of five may have gone for her late ex-hubby, the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s brother after parting with Diamond.

According to countless people on social media who managed to dig old photos of the said brother and put them side by side with the ones initially shared by the socialite hiding the man’s face, the assertion could be true.

Although we cannot confirm the man is the late Evan’s brother, countless people especially Tanzanians have been on the lead, accusing her of sleeping with her in-law.

It should be noted Zari’s new bae alleged to be Ivan’s brother used to be close to the deceased if photos of the two shared by several social media users can confirm.

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