Records that Directly Impeach the Credibility of the abortion theory In Caroline’s Death

Is the Country being treated to sideshows with regards to investigations around the death of former Dandora based activist Caroline Mwatha?

The Police have insisted that Caroline Mwatha died due to excessive bleading after a botched abortion process.

Her family, fellow activists and a number of Kenyans are however not buying the abortion theory and have insisted that they suspect foul play by the police.

This therefore begs in the questions: Was Caroline murdered?

Well, Caroline apparently died on 6th of February, the same day she was seen taking her daughter to school. According to records at City Mortuary, 6th February was the day she was booked in the Morgue.

Two records at the facility bear details of Carol Mbeki, the name assigned to Mwatha’s body.

According to one of the records, Mbeki was taken to the facility on February 6 at 4.42pm by Grace Ramoya. Mbeki’s age is listed as 27, 10 years younger than Mwatha.

The cause of her death, according to one of the records, is indicated as diarrhea, contrary to the official police narrative and postmortem finding that she died of excessive bleeding.

There had been an abortion under unclear circumstances but it was not known if Mwatha sought it or whether she was murdered.

The date, 6, appears to have been written over an initial date 7. The second record was shown to human rights officials when the body was discovered. It showed the body was taken to the mortuary at 4.42am on February 7, by Grace Ramoya.


The activist, who fought police extrajudical killings in Dandora, is being buried today at Asembo Bay, Rarieda constituency.

Wilfred Olal said the conflicting dates “directly impeach the credibility of the abortion theory”. He is the coordinator of the Dandora Community Justice Centre where Mwatha worked.

Hussein Khalid, Haki Africa executive director, said the conflicting records strengthen their rejection of the abortion theory.

“We have maintained that while the autopsy result showed an attempted abortion, we know the state can do anything to cover their steps. We believe our comrade was murdered,” he said.

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