Kenyans Express Mixed Reaction After Catholic Church Rejected Mwatha’s Body

Kenyans have expressed mixed reactions after the Catholic Church refused to hold a requiem mass for the late Caroline Mwatha based on the fact that she succumbed to a botched abortion.

Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops General Secretary Father Daniel Rono revealed that the church had a strong stand against abortion and that life begins at conception.

“We as the Catholic Church do no support abortion. Life is precious and God-given. Life starts from conception,” Rono told The Star.

“The sanctity of the foetus must be protected and that starts from conception. Once fertilisation occurs, that is a human being and the child must be protected to its natural death. Anyone who aborts is a murderer,” added National Council of Churches’ leader Reverend Nelson Makanda.

Her memorial service was, therefore, presided over by Reverend Timothy Njoya of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA).

The event, which took place at Freedom Corner in Nairobi, was attended by numerous activists and leaders who paid their last respects to the celebrated human rights activist who was based in Dandora.

Her husband, Joshua Ochieng’ and parents were joined by Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris, former Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga, former Cabinet Minister Martha Karua together with Boniface Mwangi and Okiya Omtatah.

“Caroline feared for her life because of the work she did, though she never admitted receiving threats. I told her to stop the work but she insisted that was her calling,” eulogised Mwatha’s father Stanslaus Mbai.

Mwatha went missing in early February sparking outrage from many Kenyans only for her body to be found at the City Mortuary nearly a week later.

An autopsy conducted at Umash Funeral Home revealed that she died of excessive bleeding from ruptured uterus after a botched abortion.

Here are some of the reactions of Kenyans :

Justus Keesi said.

Hypocrisy!!!. Jesus embraced and went to dine with Zaccheaus. He challenged those who wanted to stone the harlot and dared whoever thought he/she was sinless to throw the first stone. Religion should be about empathy and compassion towards sinners. And by the way who can authoritatively confirm that she was attempting to abort? Lastly, who is behind the tens of thousands of catholic cleric rapes and defilement (both sexes) across the globe?

Njambi Wach said:

GOOD work Rev. Njoya, you truly emphasise why Jesus came into this world, for the sinners and not the ‘righteous”

Thomas Ncionker said:

am a catholic but i disagree with them that they refused to conduct the mass.the bible tells us that we should not judge

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