Why President Kenyatta’s directive on public schools’ titles might cripple

National Land Commission Vice Chairperson Abigael Mbagaya presents their 2013-2018 exit report to the Parliamentary committee of lands as the commission's term ends today. February 19, 2019. Photo/Jack Owuor

Is it a strategy of getting more funds? Or are they yearning for a supplementary budget? Well, according to the outgoing vice chair Abigael Mbagaya, the Sh1.3 billion budget cut at the National Lands Commission risks crippling President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive on public school’s land titles.

During the 2018–19 financial year, NLC requested for Sh2.5 billion but was allocated Sh1.2 billion.

In 2015, President Uhuru directed the ministry to give title deeds to all schools. NLC was targeting to give out 6,000 title deeds to identified primary schools in the coming financial year, another 10,000 in 2020–21 and 4,000 for 2021-22.

This might not be achieved if the commission does not receive increased funding from state, she said.

So far, it has issued 9,566 titles to public schools across the 47 counties. NLC chiefs exited the office yesterday after expiry of their six year term.

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