Why Lewandowski should be wary of the Hostile Anfield Crowd

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Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski has never been at Anfield before. The Polish striker has revealed recently he is relishing the chance to play in front of the Kop, at one of the most historic arenas in football.

Speaking to Spanish football expert Guillem Balague on BBC, Lewandowski said: “I’ve never been [at Anfield], that will be first time for me. I’ve heard a lot about the atmosphere and I love when I can play in a stadium like Anfield with the fans. Maybe the fans will be against me but I love this and I love the feeling.”

Balague warned Robert he is going to face the famous Anfield crowd that will try their best to make the striker’s life harder. The pressure will fade away as soon as the game ends though, Balague claims.

“You’d probably going to get ninety minutes of, I was going to say hate, it’s not hatred, but noise against you, but complete admiration after the game, that’s what Anfield is all about,” the Spanish journalist said.

Earlier Bayern goalie Manuel Neuer has claimed he would love to play at Anfield. Speaking about the roaring crowd that might distract him, Neuer said he might have to use body language to communicate with his teammates.


“Does it matter? Of course. I like it when fans are cheering a lot, close to the goal. But if you want to speak to your colleagues on the pitch it’s not that easy when it’s loud, they can’t hear you,” Bayern shot-stopper said.

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