Why former Chief justice Willy Mutunga wants period of presidential petition extended

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Kenyans hardly recall having anon flawed elections that have developed a hobby of transioning kenyans voices from the ballot boxes to the appeal courts while threatening the stability of the nation.

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga wants the Constitution amended to extend the period for a presidential petition from 14 to 30 days.

Mutunga on Tuesday said the current timelines have limited political parties in making enough submissions forcing Supreme Court judges to sit for long hours to meet deadlines.

He was speaking during the IEBC’s launch of the 2017 post-election evaluation report.

The Judiciary has made a similar proposal to extend the period with 16 more days.

Image result for images of the IEBC's launch of the 2017 post-election evaluation report

“Presidential petitions are daunting and demanding with a staggering election that has seen too much shading of blood and destruction of property. Our elections are so corrosive and divisive which destroy the democratic process,” he said.

Mutunga further said there is a need for politicians to review the manner in which political party primaries are conducted.

“Now that the Registrar of Political Parties is here, I need to advise her that there is need to review whether all the 47 political parties are constitutionally constituted and comply with Article 91 of the Constitution,” he said.

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