Whistle blower on Safaricom’s glitch dishing free 30 Gb monthly bundles faces the wrath of angry Kenyans.

Safaricom experienced system failure at their headquarters yesterday.

By following a system of prompts, one was easily and quickly awarded 30 GB worth of monthly bundles without paying a dime. All of Safaricom’s days of ‘eating’ people’s bundles and credit were seemingly catching up with them as people shared the hack with their friends on whatsapp.

Payback’s a b*tch as Kenyans were determined to run the secret operation without regrets. Their efforts to serve their version of justice were however hindered by a whistle blower who , in his attempts to blow his own horn exposed the glitch to Safaricom who quickly repaired it to the dismay of many.


Despite having since deleted the tweet, it has circulated social media with many people condemning him for his actions.

He tried to defend himself by stating he only spoke out after Safaricom had noticed the glitch and rectified it but Kenyans weren’t having any of it.

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