Wasafi Manager speaks on Harmonize being an ‘Independent’ artist



Wasafi Manager Sallam Sk has spoken on Harmonize being an ‘Independent’ artist.

There has been rumors that  the Singer  might  quit from the Wasafi Record Label considering that  his music is now grown and reaches the International space.

Harmonize has also been taking up other projects on his own and some fans  might have felt that there is a gap between him and the other artists.

Although Harmonize did not really give a clear answer on whether he plans on  being an Independent artist, a Wasafi Manager has clarified on the matter.

The reason why many fans think Harmonize is acting like an independent artist is during an event where he was giving back to the society.

Other Wasafi artists were not present during this event  and  this was interpreted as if the did not give him the support he needed.

Sallam SK said that  when an artists reaches on that level, he/she is allowed to engage in other projects of their interest as long as the music business deal remains intact.

He also says that in business even if it involves a group, it is not a good idea when it seems like your work is overshadowed by that of other artists.

Sallam SK added that every business should be given room to shine and grow on its own.

Harmonize is among the pioneer artists under the record label and his music game has seen him work with top artists across the globe.

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