They Came For My Wife, Now they Want My Head! Missing Activist’s Husband Speaks

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Just how far are some individuals willing to go just to cover up their bad tracks?

In Kenya, when you are a good person fighting for justice and the well-being of others, you are often seen as an enemy. On the other hand, criminals are sort of celebrated and even honoured with state awards.

The Story of now missing Dandora Human Rights Activist Carolyne Mwatha is one which has sent shock-waves across the Country.

She was just a woman doing her job to try and bring change to the society through promotion of Justice.

Now with her disappearance,  her family also fears for it’s life.

Her Husband yesterday said his own life is in danger. He said he fears he could be the next target after his wife.

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Joshua Ochieng’, a Dubai-based trader, said that the disappearance of his wife of 20 years has left him scared for his life and the lives of his children. He did not cite a specific threat to himself.

A demonstration will be held today to demand speedy investigation and justice.

Ochieng’ said he flew back on Sunday to join the search for his wife.

Mwatha was a senior manager and founder member of the Dandora Community Justice Centre. It is a human rights lobby group, famous for documenting cases of extrajudicial killings and police brutality.

Ochieng’ communicated with his wife via WhatsApp on Wednesday.

“We were chatting almost the whole night on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, she texted me good morning but due to time difference, I responded late,” he said.


He said he unsuccessfully tried calling Mwatha on Thursday. Twice, someone received the call but did not speak.

“I called her many times when I woke up, but she was not picking. I thought it was normal because it was a working day. I assumed she was holed-up in meetings as her job is demanding,” Ochieng’ said.

Ochieng’ said he got alarmed when his wife failed to return any of his calls and reached out to her workmates, who told him she had not reported to work.

“I called her number again and on two occasions, someone would pick up but did not speak,” an emotional Ochieng’ said.

He expressed anxiety over the safety of his daughter. “My wife went missing while taking our daughter to school,” he said.

“I’m not sure how safe my daughter will be,” he said.

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