‘Omtatah ni Matata’ Who is this Man Okiya?


Omtata Being Hauled by Police

It is believed that he has been in courts many times than any Kenyan judge. He takes the front line to defend Kenyans in the courts, he wins and yet, he is not a lawyer. Meet Omtatah, the one-man-army.

Omtatah was born in November 1964 in Busia County. Omtatah schooled in the county until his O levels. He was admitted for his form 5 and 6 in St.Peters Mukumu school. It is also in the school where he met a catholic priest who planted in him a strict belief and indoctrinated him.

When he was offered a place at University of Nairobi to pursue a Commerce Degree, he declined an opted for a Philosophy Diploma at St.Augustine Mabanga.

Later, Omtata joined Kenya Polytechnic where he pursued a diploma in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering to completion.

Omtatah began activism immediately he cleared the Kenya Polytechnic. So far, he has made over 1000 lawsuits to different personalities.

Surprisingly, Omtatah’s office is the size of a cubicle and is based at NSSF building. Omtatahhas however managed to file cases that shaped the political landscape of the country.

In September last year,Kenyan rallied online to contribute each at least Sh10. In the course, Omtatah got Sh500000, that he intends to put up an office.

Omtatah however, maintains that he has desisted taking money from the public as sees it inappropriate.

Last year January, Omtatah delivered a win for hundreds of thousands when he convinced justice Chacha Mwita of the High Court to suspend a ban on night travel.

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