NYS II cluster 3 ruling to go down even as suspects go MIA

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The office of the Director of Public Prosecution have revealed that the Anti-corruption Magistrate Lucas Onyina rules today on the hearing of NYS II Cluster 3 involving former PS Lillian Omollo and others.The defense lawyers however want the case adjourned till accused persons are in ourt.

National Youth Service (NYS) cluster III involves theft of Ksh.167million and will go on without two accused persons who are yet to be charged.

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Then Public Service and Youth Affairs Principal Secretary Lillian Omollo with then NYS Director-General

The case was to kick off on Monday but the prosecution led by Mercy Gateru told the court that the two were yet to present themselves in court to take plea despite numerous arrest warrants issued against them.

The prosecution asked the court to allow them to proceed without them adding that they have switched off their mobile phones.

The application was however opposed by the defence lawyers and asked the court to dismiss the application to have the case proceed without the accused.

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