MP presents bill seeking abolish of all levies on clearance certificates


Nominated Member of Parliament Gideon Keter is set to table before parliament a legislative bill that seeks to waive any fee levied on youths or a person with disability while acquiring clearance certificates when seeking employment.

Keter has said  the waiver on Certificate of Good Conduct, Higher Educations Loans Board {HELB), Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission certificates will help the young people in the country access employment opportunities without much hustle

Under his Employment Amendment Bill 2018, Keter argues that the levies he seeks to abolish are discriminatory and have for long disadvantaged the less previleged in the society particularly a majority of the unemployed youth and people living with disabilities.

“Employment is a major concern to all Kenyans at the moment; reason being a youthful individual seeking employment is required to produce the requisite documents needed to pass for a job interview and more often than not that amount of money needed to furnish self with the documents is a problem,” he said.

Today, anyone seeking to be employed by the government is compelled to pay Sh1,050 for obtaining certificate of good conduct, Sh1,000 for HELB, Sh500 for EACC and Sh2,200 for CRB.

Keter who on Tuesday presented his proposal before the National Assembly Budget and Appropriations Committee underscored that such abolition of the levies would be a reprieve to many youths who are “sometimes locked out of job interviews because of not producing the needed documents.” 

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