Menopause ni nini? Rambo ex-wife gives birth at 54

So after all everything is a lie. Even science that says with authority that women past the age of 50 have a snowball’s chance in hell to give birth.

Well, apparently that is a saying for the weaklings who are not willing to stretch the borders and explore new frontiers.

Deconstructing science

One such strong-willed lady is Brigitte Nielsen, Sylvester Stallone’s ex-wife that has just delivered a cute baby girl Frida. At 54!

Nielsen, currently married to Mattia Dessi were due to celebrate their 16th Wedding anniversary had unsuccessfully attempted In vitro Fertilization for a decade. Nothing seemed to work.  She kept on nonetheless.

“I was always like: ‘I want to do it until there are no more embryos left,’” says Nielsen. “Somebody has to win the lottery.” And she did.

Role of the partner

Nielsen remarked that the journey had been bumpy and it is commitment and understanding from both her husband and herself that kept them going.

“You’re on a lot of medication. It is very expensive. Hormones will do different things to different women … you always think you’re going to get pregnant, but most of the time, the phone call comes and it’s: ‘I’m sorry.’ It is devastating,” narrates Nielsen.

“The partner you’re with has to be onboard as much as you, unless you’re a woman who wants to have a baby on your own. You have to stay realistic and, if you’re older, the odds are against you,” she added.

As for the doubting Thomases, this is what Nielsen had to say: “When people say you were 54 – yeah, well, what about all the men who are in their 60s, 70s, 80s?”

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