Mathare Activist Billian Ojiwa Reported Missing!

It’s been nearly a week since Caroline Mwatha went missing, and there has been no information regarding her whereabouts.

Now, reports have come forth that Billian Ojiwa, Mathare Activist and Community Leader has been missing for the past 44 hours.

Billian, who is the founder of Ficha Uchi Campaign, a community program that provides clothing essentials to misfortunate kids in primary school, has been at the forefront in fighting social injustices around the community area of Mathare.

Additionally, he was also the KYC chairman for Kanu, spearheading youth transformation programs launched by the party.

According to the missing report filed by his wife Nerima Wako-Ojiwa, Bilian was last seen along Ngong-Road area Sunday afternoon.

As per the reports, he was wearing a black buttoned up shirt, complimented with maroon trousers, and adorning a beige jacket.

Expressing her frustrations, his wife Nerima, who also happens to be a youth leader and columnist for the East African,  has pleaded to anyone who has information on Billian to come forth and provide any information that will lead to the whereabouts of Billian.

That being said, Netizens have expressed their worries regarding the recent turnout of events.

Hardly a week has passed and 2 young activists have gone missing, sparking a worrisome trend in the country.

Kenyans were not amused, and they took to Twitter to express their frustrations about a system that does not ensure the protection of young individuals spearheading community programs.

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