Manchester United Will DEFINITELY Beat PSG tonight! And this is why

Remember the infamous octopus that made all those accurate predictions during the 2010 World Cup? I believe his name was Paul the Octopus.

Sadly he passed away…presumably from what Octopuses die from (old age??)

If Paul was alive today, I’m confident he would pick Manchester United to be the favourites in tonight’s Champion’s League clash.

Yeah, I said it.

And no, I’m not a Manchester United fan or anything, but the writing is on the wall. United are riding high, and you can hear the innumerable Ole chants emanating from United fans in just about every corner of the earth.

After a definitive 3-nothing win over Fulham on Saturday, the Red Devils are packing the heat and looking to stamp their name against PSG and high-profile names like Gianluigi Buffon.

Besides let’s face it. Sensation Neymar, goal-scoring machine Cavani, and dependable fullback Meunier have all been ruled out by injury.

Plus let’s not forget that United’s starting 11 is still strong.

Rashford has been in impeccable form and seems more confident than ever as United’s main talisman.

Martial is just explosive, and causing many a fullback and defenders headaches on the wings with his breakneck speed and sensational dribbling.

Plus let’s not forget the heart of the attack, Paul Pogba. His uncanny vision for defence-splitting passes, and confidence to step up to the plate when the team needs him, emphasizes the new form that Manchester United are in.


And to add icing to the cake, the first leg is being played at Old Trafford. If the atmosphere won’t be deafening, then I don’t know what else will!

My prediction: 3-1. And I’m awarding PSG the one goal solely because I’m confident that the boyhood wonder Kylian Mbappe will get himself on the scoresheet.

So if you’re planning to bet for tonight’s game, my money would be on Manchester United.

That being said, the beauty of football is that it can prove you wrong on so many different occasions!


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