I don’t have eX’s; I have whY’s: Looking at Past Relationships

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Valentine’s is obviously all about love. But for some, it means rekindling a relationship they once had, or even a break-up in the works. But  for a good number of people, its neither about the love, or friendship or even a break-up in itself.

Because they most likely have been through the latter before, and the experience left them with let’s just say a not-so-good memory.

For those of us like them, all these Valentine’s has for them are memories of what could have been, or what used to be. They are left reminiscing about a certain ex they had, and what they could have done better in that moment.

But then the memories of those ex’s yo would like to forget also come back to haunt you and it leaves you with a slight distaste in the mouth, almost like you vomited in it.

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The question that soon follows is WHY???

Why did you give that guy who had zero self-esteem a chance to be with you and as soon as that happened he thought he could mistreat you because he now thinks “he’s all that”??

Why did you take pity on that guy whom everybody was ignoring, only for you to tolerate his disgusting living habits and you remembered why he was being ignored in the first place??

And for love’s sake why did you date that fuck boy who EVERYONE including your watchie at the court advised you to stay away from?????

Okay, let’s be real. We all know the answer to that last one. #Dickmatized


But we’ve all been through that stage of asking ourselves why we dated some people, and why we let it happen in the first place.

Unfortunately, we may ever know. One thing is for sure though, love definitely makes us blind… and crazy…. and wild… Okay you get the trend.

So if you ever consider yourself in that situation, do what I do and never accept that you have ex’s.

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Instead, focus on why’s…like why can’t I buy myself flowers and cakes and treat myself for Valentine’s??



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