Heavy burden Ruto is trying to save taxpayers from that is causing him enemies

Image result for nasa legislaturesA section of NASA legislatures are high in arms to prosecute DP Ruto over his ‘anti-referendum’ talk at Chatham House in the United Kingdom.

But what exactly did Ruto say?

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“Do we have the resources to do the census this year, a boundary review next year, an election in 2022 and a referendum in between? Is it reasonable? Let us put these questions into context,” Dr Ruto posed during his address in London.

Before you go to the comment section let me give you a brief insight into what the DP is seeing that majority of Kenyans are yet to come to terms with.

1.2022 election

An analysis of previous Budget estimates shows that the October 17 presidential election ordered by the Supreme Court cost at least Sh10 billion, while Sh15.8 billion was used to conduct the August 8 General Election.

The same budget estimates could sky rocket in the coming 2022 elections as new proposals have being raised by the IEBC.

2.Constituency boundaries

The electoral commission has further told the parliamentary committee that oversees the implementation of the Constitution that the review of constituency boundaries is expected to cost Sh8 billion.

3.2019 census

Kenya’s census to be conducted in 2019 will cost taxpayers at least Sh18.5 billion, it has emerged. Out of this amount, Sh3.5 billion will be spent to procure smartphones at Sh15, 000 each.

4. Referendum

Lastly , the electoral agency has said it is ready to conduct a third referendum should it be required to do so but at a cost of about Sh8 billion.

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However with all this costs , the NASA leaders have said Dr Ruto was “insincere” after he raised reservations about the referendum push.

But the DP, through his press secretary David Mugonyi, said the leaders are free to say whatever they wanted. “We are in a free country,” Mr Mugonyi told the Nation.

ODM national chairman John Mbadi, secretary-general Edwin Sifuna, his Ford Kenya counterpart Eseli Simiyu, MPs Otiende Amollo (ODM, Rarieda) and Godfrey Osotsi (ANC, nominated) launched the onslaught against Dr Ruto.

“I don’t think the question of a referendum is a matter of debate now. Whoever is still raising issues on whether we should have a referendum is living in his own world. The DP is completely out of touch with reality in the country,” Mr Mbadi said.

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The cost of a referendum, he said, will not derail efforts to unite the country.

“Matters of inclusivity are more important than the cost of a referendum. What the DP needs to do is join other Kenyans in fighting graft so that we have enough money for a referendum. We will have enough money by reducing wastage and pilferage of public funds,” the Suba South MP said.

So are Kenyans really ready to drain their taxes in a referendum?

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