“Do not drag me into your shit” Diana Marua refutes Mr. Seed

Gospel singer Kevin Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua, has come out to rubbish claims she is the main reason behind the mass exodus from hubby’s record label, EMB Records.

Diana said she does not owe anyone an explanation as to why several gospel musicians, including Weezdom, Mr Seed and David Wonder, ditched EMB Records, even after she was mentioned as the agent of doom at the label.

“Pillars are meant to stand strong… When God Blesses you, you owe no one an explanation.” she posted

While sharing on Instagram on Monday, January 11, hours after she was accused of instigating fallouts between Bahati and his signees at EMB, Diana claimed she is as strong as a pillar even with the wild accusations.

“Being taken to levels I never thought I’d get to because I was made to stand out, not to fit in.” she continued.

Diana’s ”cryptic” Instagram post came just hours after Weezdom sensationally accused her of crippling Bahati’s music business at EMB.

According to Weezdom, Diana is to blame for the many exits witnessed in the recent past because she changed her hubby for the worse.Diana had earlier been accused of being behind Mr Seed’s exodus from the EMB Records.

Diana reportedly called police on Mr Seed’s wife over a one night coffee business, a move that infuriated the singer, leading to his decision to ditch EMB. Mr Seed’s exit from EMB was followed by that of another singer, David Wonder, who said he decided to focus on building his own brand outside EMB after Bahati allegedly told them to leave if they felt like doing so.


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