Defiant Marsabit Residents Hatch Plan to Infect their Leaders With Cholera

Marsabit County Residents are an angry lot and their cause of anger should be a cause of concern to their leaders who have proven to careless about their plight and challenges.

In Marsabit, trying to find Clean Water is like trying to Make a Cow lay eggs.

The residents took issue with their leadership when during a visit by the local leaders they “served” them bottled muddy water.

The leaders had toured Karare area to urge the locals to support the establishment of a municipality.

But the locals had other ideas as they presented the bottles of contaminated water to drive the point home; they are in dire need of water and not a municipality.

“Our problem is water, not a municipality,” the residents told the visiting delegation.

This comes barely a month after the “mysterious” deaths of more than 115 camels. They perished after drinking water from an abandoned well in Marsabit.

A few days after the incident, another herd of 56 sheep and goats died in similar circumstances.

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