Condition found KANU official is suffering from revealed

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An online commotion was earlier caused after a married youth leader went missingin action causing distress on the wife who announced the husband as a missing persons.

Many suspicions had already emerged regarding his wherebouts with the mystery managing to attract a great attention untill the man later on presented himself.

KANU official Billian Ojiwa’s wife, Nerima Wako, now says her husband’s episodes of depression could have triggered his disappearance from home last Sunday.

Image result for missing KANU youth images

Mr Ojiwa, who is the National Youth Congress chairman of KANU Party, went missing after leaving his parents-in-law’s place at Valley Arcade in Nairobi, with the rumour mill suggesting that Mr Ojiwa and Ms Wako quarreled, pushing the Ficha Uchi Initiative founder to go into seclusion.

Mr Ojiwa was found on Tuesday February 12 in Nairobi.

And now, Ms Wako has dispelled reports that she aggressively confronted her husband, resulting into his disappearance.

“He is unharmed. He was overwhelmed and under a lot of stress. Depression and mental health is something we have to discuss in family settings. He had checked himself into a center in Karen. He was spotted on Ngong Road sides on his way back from Karen,” Ms Wako told news reporter.

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