Brown Mauzo speaks on the crazy things he did when he was in love with Akothee



Kenyan artist Brown Mauzo has revealed about the things he did when he was in love with Kenyan Songer Akothee.

The Singer was speaking to Mseto East Africa when he opened up about his past.

Brown Mauzo is one of the artist who has had controversies on love matters. He does not deny that love is one of the things that has affected him.

He however says that such issues do not affect him alone but several people have similar situations.

A couple months ago,  he was rumored to have consumed poison after love went sour for him.

He however rubbished these claims and other reports indicate that he starved himself for days after he was hurt by his lover.

Speaking on other things he has done out of love, the artist mentioned that he once gave Akothee his song which he was about to release.

Brown Mauzo says that for the song dubbed ‘Pashe’ Akothee had asked him to give it to her if he truly loved her. The Singer says that he decided to give it away since he was in love.

In another instance, Mauzo said that they once had a misunderstanding with Akothee and  he was so upset that he went out to walk for miles.

Even though Akothee followed him to ask him to go back home, Mauzo says that he refused and this made him feel so stupid.

The duo have however moved on so far and are living their lives as they used to.

What are the crazy things that you have ever done out of love?

Here is the full interview


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