VIDEO: Sex worker refutes claims about Cleophas Malala. Says she was hired by Khalwale

Cleophas Malala

A PR stunt or madness? A lady who accused Kakamega Senator, Cleophas Malala has come out clean but with hot allegations.

Last week, a video of the lady went viral of her claiming to have had s3x with the Senator and was not paid the full amount. The lady added that Malala had unprotected sex with her and paid her 10,000 and was yet to be paid 20,000 for the agreed three rounds of ‘Mlungula’.

As if that was not enough, she claimed that her life was in danger after the senator threatened to end her life if she comes out with the story.

Fast forward, the lady has come out again claiming that she was hired by former Kakamega Senator, Bonny Khalwale. She said that she was paid to tarnish Malala’s name ahead of 2022 general elections.

“Mimi ni yule nilitumiwa vibaya kisiasa na Bonny Khalwale akitaka nimharibie jina Cleophas Malala. Lakini tumekataa maneno ya Khalwale Bonny asituingishe kwa maneno yao ya kisiasa sisi ni wafanyi biashara. Tunashukuru Cleophas kutuletea basi, maneno ya Bonny halwale hatuyataki.” she confessed.

Bonny Khalwale

On his Twitter account, Senator Cleophas Malala said that the lady has been arrested and she confessed having been sent by Bonny Khalwale.

She also added that she is apologetic or being used politically to damage the amazing senator.


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