“My video with Diamond cannot ruin my music career” Nandy comes clean

Tanzanian Songstress Nandy has cleared the air on her video with Diamond that went viral towards the end of last year.

The Video was posted by Diamond on his Instastory during the One Africa Music Festival in Dubai with a caption that fans were curious about.

Diamond had written saying that Nandy is the  mother of the nation ‘Mama Yenu Huyu’ and Nandy at that point had worn a WCB Bling.

Rumors spread that the two were a pair and some even claimed that the video was intentional.


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After Tanasha Donna came in the picture, apparently some people thought that Diamond shared the video with ill intentions.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Nandy responded to these claims saying that nothing can ruin her music career if it was not done with bad intentions.

The artist also said that in Dubai she interacted with Diamond like a brother and a fellow artist and she doubts that Diamond had ill intentions when he posted the video.

Nandy also insisted that her intention at that point was pure and implies that she did not think people would interpret is as they did.

Nandy maintains that everyone has a meaning tagged to what they do  and therefore that video cannot ruin her career in any way  since she did not do it with bad intentions.

“Diamond knows  why he did what he did. We are all artists and we meet and talk ; I cannot discuss it in length”she said

She also added that it  is just normal interaction and there is no difference in how she would interact with artists from different parts of the globe.

Interview Courtesy/Simulizi za Sauti



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