Mt. Kenya Clique Hatch New Plan to Cut Ruto’s Wings and Exalt Uhuru

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Who is hindering President Uhuru’s Kenyatta’s from achieving his much hyped Big 4 Agenda?

Well, the President had sometime back pointed an accusing finger at Mount Kenya leaders who he called out for constantly engaging in politics at the expense of carrying out their key mandate which is serving the Kenyan People.

An angry President Kenyatta had at that time asked them to stop the 2022 succession debate and instead focus on helping him achieve his Big Four Agenda.

The leaders seem to have finally heed to the President’s calls and have now pledged full support for the Big 4 Agenda in order to ensure that their main man, Uhuru Kenyatta leaves a positive long lasting legacy after his term comes to an end.

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Several political leaders from Mt. Kenya have now formed a group to further solidify President Uhuru Kenyatta’s support in the region.

Nominated MP Maina Kamanda said the Mt. Kenya and Diaspora Leadership Forum agenda is to support the President to complete his development agenda for the country.

The forum incorporates leaders in and out of elective positions including former presidential candidates Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua.

In Murang’a, Mathioya MP Peter Kimari and his Kigumo counterpart Ruth Mwaniki have also joined the group.

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Speaking during a church service at Njau-ini ACC and S church in Kangari on Sunday, Kamanda said the group will start going around the region to recruit more members.

He said it is paramount for local leaders to support the President accomplish his developmental goals before the end of his term.

Kamanda also recommended the inclusion of the Prime Minister seat in the Constitution during the referendum.

“Let the question be incorporated in the referendum and Kenyans will decide what they want,” the MP said.

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