Did Police commit another extra judicial killing in Dandora?

crime scene, police line

On Sunday 28th October, Kenyans woke up to very disturbing news. It was reported that police had gunned down six gangsters in Gitwamba area, Dandora slums.

A report from the Dandora Police station, said that the gangster had attacked a boda boda rider and raped his passenger. But you can’t believe anything coming from Kenya Police.

Investigations into the case, revealed that the trigger happy officers had in fact killed innocent people who had nothing to do with the attack on the boda boda ride. Among those killed were two university students who were visiting their uncle the previous night. The students had never been to Dandora earlier, their uncle was also killed.

Unfortunately, the six people who died on that fateful night are not the only people who have died controversially. A human Rights Activist who has been documenting all cases of extra judicial killings has gone missing.

caroline Mwatha Ochieng who disappeared on 6th.February.2019/EZEKIEL AMING'A

Caroline Mwatha, a founding member of the Dandora Community Social Justice Centre, was last seen on Wednesday.

The centre has been lobbying and calling for police professionalism, accountability and an end to extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances.

Even though she has not been found, we know very well that chances of her being alive are very slim. So who would want her dead?

I think we have a clear picture of where investigations should begin.


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