Avocados and Four Other Foods That Will Lit Your Bedroom

Testosterone hormone is the holy grail of sex. The hormone is responsible for starting and running the sex engine besides providing muscle health. Testosterone can be lost with age and, it is a no wonder that sponsors always get it wrong in bed.

Even with your clinician’s recommendations, the following foods are a natural way to lit your bedroom like the city of Gaza.



Despite the sentimental attachment that many Kenyans have to this fruit, avocados are a good source of testosterone. Avocados are a critical source of monounsaturated fats. The nutrients is a potent T booster. the fats also improve the body’s ability to utilize lutein and lycopene. The two are important boosts for testosterone.


Canned Tuna

The sea animal has been linked to vitamin D. The vitamin sustains the production of testosterone. If you don’t like tuna.Other fish sources of the vitamin are sardines or salmon.

Egg yolk

Cross-cut boiled eggs

Eggs are an essential food in every single men’s kitchen. Despite their affordability, eggs are also easy to prepare and amazingly, they won’t dirty your utensils. Above all the mentioned benefits of eggs, the yolks  are a rich source of vitamin D. Most clinicians however, warn that eating too much yolks could increase cholesterol to unwanted levels.

Whole Grain Cereals

Brown bread

Besides fibre content which helps in digestion, cereals are also known to have a high content of vitamin D. Instead of going for white breads, take the brown bread whose flours are less sifted. Fortified breads can also be a good source of vitamin D.



You wonder why our great grandfathers managed tens of wives? or even sired at above 50 years? they knew the secret of beans. White, black and kidney beans are a doorstep source of vitamin D. In fact, beans are considered a healthier sources of proteins and, affordable too. Use at least two servings of beans a day and shine your way to bedroom.

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