Police caught on camera clobbering ‘JKUAT student’

A video has emerged online showing a police officer clobbering a male ‘JKUAT student’ after the students ran amock Friday following the death of a student.

In the video, two ladies and two men are seen approaching a shop when two police officers violently approach them. A female is let go while the three people are made to sit on the ground.

One police officer is seen slapping a man sitting on the ground. The police officer is seemingly picking issue with the man as he roughs him up. From the video, it is observable that the man is harmless, nonetheless, the officer continues to assault him

Afterwards, they decide to release the trio and mumble a threat “don’t look back!” to the terrified ‘students.’

JKUAT students went on strike Friday to protest the killing of one of their own, Tabitha Muthoni.

Ms Muthoni lost her life at the hands of robbers who accosted her in the company of a friend and stabbed her on the neck.

Slain JKUAT student Tabitha Muthoni

The robbers reportedly demanded their phones during the attack. While Tabitha’s friend complied, Tabitha put in some resistance. The robbers stabbed and left her for dead last week Thursday.

Agitated students poured onto the streets Friday and were swiftly repulsed by police officers sent to restore order.

The video is reported to have been taken during the violent confrontations pitting students and police.

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