Kenya forest service officers sent home over assaults

Journalists have been attacked in several occasions as they try to film an occurrence. Many are times when such cases are not dealt with. Journalists have lost their filming equipment during such attacks where the attackers go an extra mile of breaking those equipment.

Not forgetting the latest scenario of an NTV  journalist who was attacked by a local chief as he was working on a story to uncover alleged corruption at Toroso Primary School in Sasuri location, Bungoma County. Jesse Chenge who is a cameraman at NTV stated that local administration boss was in the company of his assistant when the assault happened. The Chief, Jackson Chebrum, hit Chenge with his fist after a failed attempt to destroy the camera.

Justice has prevailed after three officials of Kenya Forest Service have been  interdicted following an attack on four journalists from two media houses who sustained minor injuries on Friday in Narumoru, Nyeri County.


The journalists, Emilio Muriithi (Citizen TV), Martin Munene (Inooro TV), Seth Mwaniki and Wahu wa Ngugi (MediaMax) were attacked for recording the chaotic aftermath following a meeting at the Naro Maru forest station.

In a video captured by a member of the public, an officer went towards Muriithi’s direction and hit him in the head, causing him to fall and drop his camera. People started running away when police officers shot in the air as others started shouting at the officer to stop flogging the journalist.

On Twitter, Kenya Forest Service’s Ag. Chief Conservator of Forests stated that he has effected instructions for disciplinary action on the officials from the Cabinet Secretary.Three bosses were among the Kenya Forestry Service officials accused of man-handling the journalists.


Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary, Keriako Tobiko, announced that the Mt. Kenya officials among them; Head of Conservancy, Ecosystem Conservator, Forester in-charge of the station and the forest rangers will be interdicted immediately.
An amateur video making rounds on social media shows how a KWS officer charged at a person who was taking photos and kicked him down.The video also shows members of the public protesting over the officers’ action.
The attacked journalists recorded statements on Friday and investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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