It was a painful death! Wambui’s Postmortem details revealed


There are a thousand ways to die but some are horrible, gruesome, and extremely painful. The mystery is, no one knows how they will die but somehow that’s the only way to exit the world. I am certain that if you asked Ms. Mary about the plans she had, on that fateful day, she would have definitely said something bearing in mind it’s a new year and everyone has great plans and resolutions for the year.  Little did she know that the most painful death was expecting her. Nine killer hits on her head!

She was among the unlucky people who encounter extremely painful moments before they die. Sometimes I fail to believe that a human being would consider killing another human and in this case through a painful procedure. Poor Mary! May her soul rest in peace.

Ms. Mary Wambui -39-year-old and a mother of two had been hit severally on her head and later suffocated to death. She must have had the power to resist death if she did not die from the hard blows, forcing the goons suffocate her to death.

The autopsy on Mary Wambui revealed that the assailants hit her on the head nine times causing severe injuries that together with suffocation, led to her death. The report showed that she had a deep cut on one side of her forehead which is believed to have been caused by a gun’s back. The report reveals that the assailants used the same weapon to hit her head 9 times.

The report was released seven days after Ms. Wambui’s body was found and collected in Mugutha, Juja at a dam and the injuries were visible at the time her body was found

Ms. Wambui, whose death is linked to a love triangle was seen alive last on 26th of January at Homeland Inn in company of two men and a lady identified as Ms. Judy Wangui Mungai who is held by the police over the murder case.

The postmortem on Ms. Wambui was conducted by a government pathologist Dr. Peter Ndegwa at Kenyatta University Funeral home.  A team of investigators led by Mr. Cornelius Arwasa as wells Ms. Wambui’s relatives were present during the examination.

Investigations to establish the owner of the weapon used to hit Ms. Wambui and the killers are ongoing.

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  1. It is so unfortunate attacking a woman with weapons and killing her instantly… would’nt have broken a bone offering an adjacent means of solving an issue minus ending life of someone…….anyway thanks for those news… have kind of encompassed what i was to look for in this story…thank you

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